Monthly archives: June, 2009

Hello World in IL

I am always fascinated by the inside the hood views of things, how they work, how they all fit in together. Since I program in C# majority of the time, naturally I am interested in learning about how a program written in C# is converted to IL, how the IL code looks for a specific …

Obama, H1 and Search engines

A very significant traffic from search engines to my site is generated by the query “Obama + H1“. It is due to this post. On Bing and Google this query puts my blog as the #1 result but Yahoo doesn’t even show it on the first 5 pages (I didn’t look further). But for “Obama …

Covariance in Arrays

The following code throws an ArrayTypeMismatchException. I was never aware of this until today. Here is the reason for this behaviour. On a related note, Generics catches this problem at compile time. Click here to get code that you can copy-paste.