2012 was one of the worst movies of all time. The year 2012, however, was not so bad. Of course not everything went the way I wanted but overall it was not a bad year at all. My new year resolutions included five things and I achieved three of them. 60% success – that is a new record for me. Usually my new year resolution success rate is 0%.

My new year resolutions are usually fringe things on which it is hard to concentrate on for prolonged periods of time, especially when life presents more important challenges to deal with. After years of setting goals for the new year and failing to get anything done consistently, now I know that the trick to having new year resolutions that you can achieve is to have a few of them (2 or 3) that you really really want. “Good to have” things just don’t cut it. It should be “must have” things – things that are really important to you. And it should be no more than two or three things.

An important thing to keep in mind while executing your resolutions is to evaluate your progress continuously. You should do that at least every three months. That will provide a good deal of motivation. If you are running behind, it will give some renewed enthusiasm to get back on track. If you are on track, you will get a feeling of satisfaction and deep down you will know that this is something you can do. Either way, you win.

The things I did not achieve for 2012 were reducing my weight by 15 lbs and studying algorithms and data structures. At one point I reduced 5 lbs without any kind of dieting. I was exercising regularly and playing volleyball. Then I injured my wrist while playing volleyball and I stopped the exercising and volleyball. I gained back all the weight in a couple of weeks.

One of things I wanted to achieve was to write 12 blog posts in this year. You guessed it, this is the 12th one. If I didn’t have it as a goal I probably wouldn’t write this one. Not that it makes much difference but it makes me understand that having a goal puts one in a more advantageous position to achieve it. So I will make new resolutions for 2013 – maybe 2 or 3 ones that I really really want to achieve. The kind of ones that will keep the fire burning, the ones that makes it worth the effort.

So long, 2012. It was nice knowing you.

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