A Prime Post

A prime number is a positive integer that is greater than one and has no factors except one and itself. One is not considered a prime number. 2, 3, 5, 7.. etc are some examples of prime numbers. Numbers that are not prime are called composite numbers. Here are the prime numbers less than 1000. 2 […]

Little or Big?

Big endian and little endian. The endian-ness of a computer determines how it stores multi-byte data in memory. Consider the 4 byte integer 0x40302010. This is the hex representation of the integer 1076895760. Each byte can store 2 hex digits. So the number 0x40302010 would have to be stored in 4 bytes. If we were to […]

LG G3 Bluetooth Issues

Today I went for a drive on my CR-V which I have paired with my LG G3 via Bluetooth. Halfway through the drive my wife called me and I answered the call but there was no voice over the Bluetooth. I had to stop my car, remove the Bluetooth connection for the call and talk directly […]

iPhone 6 Minus

For the past four years I was a loyal Windows Phone user. I didn’t have much qualms about the hardware or the operating system itself but the lack of apps made it hard to choose yet another Windows Phone when my contract was over and I was eligible to purchase a subsidized new phone in lieu of […]

A Year Without Posts

2013 went by so fast. Just in case you did not notice, no blog entries were posted here. Was it because I was lazy? Yes. But not just that, I thought it would nice to take a break. Why? I don’t know. Why do you think I have all the answers? 2013 was a good […]


2012 was one of the worst movies of all time. The year 2012, however, was not so bad. Of course not everything went the way I wanted but overall it was not a bad year at all. My new year resolutions included five things and I achieved three of them. 60% success – that is […]

No country for old men

Like many brand conscious and price conscious people in America, we went for some midnight shopping yesterday. Black Friday, as it is called, is when people who are normally normal loses all sense of decency and common sense and push the people in front of them in the queue, or trample over them, with a […]

async and await in C# 5

C# 5 comes with just a few new features and async is arguably the more important of those. I have started looking into it a couple of days ago and I thought I would share my thoughts on it here. Asynchronous programming was touted was the next big thing for quite some time, but it […]