Architecture Vs Design

While I was looking for a job 3 months ago, I had a phone screening by a recruiting guy who asked me about the difference between architecture and design in the context of software development. This question confused me immediately. I had never thought about this. I told him there is no difference between architecture […]

Alcohol Effects & Remedies

I got a forwarded mail today with subject lines as “Alcohol Effects & Remedies”. I usually ignore forwards but I decided to read this one because I thought it would contain some information on reducing the effects of alcohol on you (no no.. Its not for me, one of my friends drinks too much ;-)) […]

Frauds galore

After I got a fraud email I just Googled  JAMES OLUSOGA and found that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Frauds like this are rampant on the internet. Beware.–?cq=1

Import Blogger.Blogs;

I imported my blog posts from Blogger to my wordpress blog. It went like a breeze. I had tried importing my Blogger posts before and failed. I should say the wordpress import script did a pretty good job. My photo posts and a Metacafe video on David Blaine didnt get transferred correctly. Other than these […]

Ways of fraud

I received an email today and got a good laugh from it. I am not a selfish guy, I want to share the fun with you: HOW ARE YOU TODAY MY DEAR?REPLY URGENTLY FROM MR JAMES OLUSOGA HEAD OF ARCHIVES/RECONCILATION UBA BANK PLC, MARINA LAGOS. Tel:+234 80 357 547 01. Dear Chell, First, I must […]

Girish ties the knot

My friend Girish Ramachandran who works at Sun Microsystems is a more responsible person starting yesterday. Atleast thats what the world expects him to be 😉 I wish him all the best for a long and happy married life.