Do you want an iPhone ?

If you dont want to stand in the long queues to buy an iPhone, you can buy them off eBay for the paltry sum of $660 (upto to $1500) Everything sold by Apple is way overpriced. I am not giving Steve Jobs any of my money. Edit: More on this outrageous hype from Information Week […]

All the roadrunning

As of this 27th June, I completed 29 years of a mysterious journey called life. It kinda makes me nervous as I think about it. It is not that I am getting old, but the total lack of a worthwhile achievement so far makes me diffident. It makes me wonder whether my dreams in my […]

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain is a poem hidden away under beautiful prose. It is a short story, about 55 pages, yet it is profoundly heartwarming, with a subtle flow of true emotions and comes across as a refreshing, cool, light rain showering on your heart but comes back to haunt you and touches your soul in the […]

Hacking for Dummies

I couldn’t help laughing aloud reading some of the “hacking tips” on a blog post here. Tip 3 is the most amusing: There are a couple of commands in DOS for refreshing the BIOS password. These stuff stuff works only on windows earlier than XP where direct DOS boot was allowed. Sorry I don’t remember […]

Google Calls for Increasing H1-B cap

Quotes from an article on Information Week: Google executives on Wednesday called on the U.S. government to raise the number of foreign worker visas — or H-1B status — by illustrating the plight of one of its founders. In congressional testimony, Google VP of people operations Laszlo Bock cited the emigration of the parents of […]

Microsoft Threatens Its Most Valuable Professional

From The Register : As a hobby, Cansdale developed an add-on for Microsoft Visual Studio. TestDriven.NET allows unit test suites to be run directly from within the Microsoft IDE. Cansdale gave away this gadget on his website, and initially received the praises of Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft was so pleased with him, it gave him […]