Do you want an iPhone ?

If you dont want to stand in the long queues to buy an iPhone, you can buy them off eBay for the paltry sum of $660 (upto to $1500) 😀 Everything sold by Apple is way overpriced. I am not giving Steve Jobs any of my money. Edit: More on this outrageous hype from Information […]

Hacking for Dummies

I couldn’t help laughing aloud reading some of the “hacking tips” on a blog post here. Tip 3 is the most amusing: There are a couple of commands in DOS for refreshing the BIOS password. These stuff stuff works only on windows earlier than XP where direct DOS boot was allowed. Sorry I don’t remember […]

Super fast, super cheap Sony Vaio

Today I saw an ad in Craigslist for selling a Sony Vaio (the URL will work for only 7 days). The seller says: Sony Vaio Laptop – “BEST BRAND LAPTOP” – Laptop – Very Fast – Comes with XP, Office, McAffee DVD/CD-RW Blah… Blah…. Towards the end of the ad, we see the true colors: […]

What (wo)men want…

In my control panel (under Search Engine Terms) I can see the terms that people use to search which creates hits to my blog and the most popular search keywords that generates traffic to my blog are : H1 salary USA average salary software software consulting companies H1B indian life USA wipro salary USA monthly […]

Alcohol Effects & Remedies

I got a forwarded mail today with subject lines as “Alcohol Effects & Remedies”. I usually ignore forwards but I decided to read this one because I thought it would contain some information on reducing the effects of alcohol on you (no no.. Its not for me, one of my friends drinks too much ;-)) […]