Jolt Awards 2007 Finalists

The books: General Books   Beautiful Code Edited by Andy Oram and Greg Wilson O’Reilly Geekonomics: The Real Cost of Insecure Software by David Rice Addison-Wesley Professional Manage It!: Your Guide to Modern Pragmatic Project Management by Johanna Rothman Pragmatic Bookshelf Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun O’Reilly Outside In Software Development by Carl Kessler […]

Times Have Changed

Times have changed. And The New York Times is keeping up. The public will have free access to all parts of The New York Times website from Tuesday.  They hope to generate more revenue from the increased ad traffic. What I like most is that the archives will be free too. More details here.

B-1 visa holders can do H-1B work

From Chennai US Consulate website: Any person holding a B1 or B1/B2 visa may be eligible to perform H-1B work in the United States as long as they fulfill the following criteria: Hold the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree Plan to perform H-1B-caliber work or training Will be paid only by their foreign employer, […]

Congress Pushes Back on H1-B Visas, Increases H1-B fees

From an article on With Democrats taking over control of Congress this year, tech harbored hopes of an increase in H-1B visas from the current 64,000 per year. The cap does not apply to petitions made on behalf of current H-1B holders or from applicants who hold advanced degrees from U.S. academic institutions, for […]