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Obama, H1 and Search engines

A very significant traffic from search engines to my site is generated by the query “Obama + H1“. It is due to this post. On Bing and Google this query puts my blog as the #1 result but Yahoo doesn’t even show it on the first 5 pages (I didn’t look further). But for “Obama …

Good news for F1 visa holders

Free Press Releases reports The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services recently announced a new ruling allowing holders of F1 visas to remain in the United States until the beginning of their employment, provided they have been accepted on an H1B visa. More details here.

Barack Obama on H1B and Immigration

Michael Arrington interviews democrat senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama. MA: What is your position on H1B visas in general? Do you believe the number of H1B visas should be increased? BO: Highly skilled immigrants have contributed significantly to our domestic technology industry. But we have a skills shortage, not a worker shortage. There are …