iPhone 6 Minus

For the past four years I was a loyal Windows Phone user. I didn’t have much qualms about the hardware or the operating system itself but the lack of apps made it hard to choose yet another Windows Phone when my contract was over and I was eligible to purchase a subsidized new phone in lieu of extending my contract for 2 years under the ever so evil AT&T. I was using an iPhone 3GS before changing to Windows Phone so I thought I would go back to the walled garden of Apple with an iPhone 6. A friend of mine had recently bought both the 6 and 6+ versions of the iPhone and the 6+ looked too big to me. It was hard to hold with one hand and I felt that I would drop it any time now. My Nokia 920 had survived many drops over the past two years, but I wouldn’t expect the fragile looking iPhone to do that.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I walked into our neighborhood Target with the intention of upgrading my phone and spent some time looking at the 6 and 6+ kept side by side on display. Having seen them side by side, I felt that the 6+ was better. The 6+ was $100 more than the 6, but the specs said that the 6+ battery would hold charge for 24 hours of talk time while the 6 would hold something like 14 hours (don’t remember the exact number now). That pushed me over the edge and I decided to go with the 6+ which was $279 for the 16 GB version (the usual price is $299, but Target had some deal going on which brought the price down to $279). I got a HTC One M8 for my wife which was an absolute deal at $0.01.

The iPhone 6+ is a very polished phone. The UI is crisp and responsive. The battery is awesome and easily last 2 days without charging (YMMV depending on how much you use). As fabulous as it was, it did have some quirkiness that ended up being a deal breaker for me. First and foremost, the lack of a back button is the most irritating feature of iPhone. I get all the design philosophy about less is more and so forth, but a back button is a fundamental element as far as I am concerned. Without the back button I felt lost with many apps. Many apps had their own custom back button built into the app. The problem with that is, each app implements it in its own way and it might take a bit of getting used to. With all their hullabaloo about great design, Apple fucked this up big time. Just add a back button Ive.

The second issue I had is about the available storage. I did not intend to store any music or movies in the phone so I thought 16GB ought to work for me. Turns out you get about 7GB after you have installed a few essential apps. Once I start taking pictures and videos using the phone camera, I would quickly run out of space. Both iPhone and iPad never provided the ability to add storage via an SD card. This is just Apple doing things in a particular way just because they can. Apple cleverly kept the entry level at 16 GB and the next one at 64GB to give the buyers the illusion of how great a deal the 64GB version is. Guess what Apple, we all know about this trick. A $750 phone ought to have at least 32 GB of storage (or the ability of add a SD card). Apple has a long history of fucking their customers which are the most loyal user-base any company ever had. I am not an apple fan boy and I wouldn’t take any shit from Apple out of sheer loyalty. I need value for my money and iPhone 6+ does not give that.

I exchanged the iPhone 6+ for an LG G3 and couldn’t be any happier. For one, I got the LG G3 for $0.01 for a 2 year commitment with AT&T. That is a saving of $300 right there (although if I manage to keep my iPhone flawless for 2 years I could sell it for $300 after unlocking it). The LG G3 comes with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage which is expandable to an additional 128GB via a microSD card. I have been using an Android tablet for a while now and I was immediately at ease with the LG G3. I immediately upgraded to Lollipop and thankfully have not had any battery issues that some users were complaining about the LG G3. Of course I have set my screen brightness to automatic since the screen is the biggest battery hog on the LG G3 and I don’t continuously check email or whatsapp, so I might not be a heavy user. I get 1.5 to 2 days easily on the phone between charges. My wife got the HTC One M8 and she is quite happy with it too.

All in all, if you are a current iPhone user and have gotten used to the lack of the back button, and you have money to spare you would definitely like the iPhone 6+ with its big display and good battery life. But if you are switching from a Windows Phone or Android phone, you might be soured by the lack of extensible storage, lack of back button and higher price.

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