No country for old men

Like many brand conscious and price conscious people in America, we went for some midnight shopping yesterday. Black Friday, as it is called, is when people who are normally normal loses all sense of decency and common sense and push the people in front of them in the queue, or trample over them, with a sense of urgency seen on a sinking ship, and fill their shopping carts with junk that they will probably never use and then stand in a queue for an hour or two to give their hard earned cash to giant corporations so that their CEOs can buy yet another villa in the South of France.

While all that madness is quite disturbing in its own sense, what disturbed me even more is that I found that I don’t really have the energy or inclination for this kind of partying anymore. I still like to buy all that junk that I don’t need and then worry about where I can find the space for it, I found myself a little separated from the crowd. I am figuratively speaking here, because I would have loved to separate myself my those people knocking me over in a hurry to get to that gadget that they so desperately want, but there was no space in the mall for that kind of tranquility. You just keep moving forward in that river of people, flaying your arms around, grabbing at whatever pieces of merchandise you can get your hands on. What surprises me is that we are supposed to be in some kind of recession. I shudder to think of days were everybody is doing well. Anyway, as I was saying, I found myself quite tired very soon. The passion to amass pieces of junk, which I showed so furiously in the previous few years, was missing. My legs were aching, my hands tired and the spirits quite low.

I wonder if this is a sign of getting older ? Would I never again enjoy losing a night of sleep for the simple joy of watching capitalism in action ? Am I getting so mature that material wealth doesn’t give me any pleasure ? I hope not, because what is life if you can’t push some smelly college kids our of your way, trample over a few fellow country men and grab that last piece of gadget on sale.

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  1. To me it seems like maturity. Maturity make you accommodate others irrespective of the loss (that you don’t care). you learn to look things in many different ways.

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